Latest Chelsio T6 adapters show lowest UDP, TCP, RDMA over Ethernet latency

Chelsio Communications, Inc. has released preliminary results on low latency testing of its latest-generation Terminator 6 (T6) adapters, the company said.

Chelsio Unified Wire adapters fully offload all protocol traffic, providing no-compromise performance for the range of leading operating systems, including Windows Server 2016, VMware ESXi 6.0, and RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.

Chelsio T6 100GbE adapters demonstrate a user mode UDP latency of 1.6 micro-second and user mode TCP latency of 1.5 micro-second using its WireDirect software suite, both numbers representing industry record performance.

Chelsio WireDirect provides direct network access to user-space, is binary compatible with existing TCP and UDP socket applications, and is also available in full source code form. User mode UDP showed 4.25 million messages/second with excellent jitter profile and no dropped packets. User mode TCP similarly demonstrated 2.8 million messages/second with nearly zero packet jitter, thanks to the use of T6´s offload engine.

Chelsio T6 100GbE adapters also offer the industry´s lowest RDMA over Ethernet (iWARP) latency at 1.2 micro-second user-space to user-space, with true kernel bypass, zero copy, and processing fully offloaded to the server adapter resulting in very low CPU utilization.

Chelsio provides Ethernet adapters for networking and storage within virtualized enterprise datacenters, public and private hyperscale clouds, and cluster computing environments.