L2 Consulting Services approves WxOps OpsTablet

L2 Consulting Services, Inc. (L2) has announced that WxOps. Inc., OpsTablet® software has now been approved for use with L2´s Supplemental Type Certificate (ST11187SC), the company said.

The STC approves the installation of the Cobham SATCOM AVIATOR SwiftBroadband (SBB) Satellite Communications System on Hawaiian Airlines 767-300 series aircraft, using Inmarsat´s ACARS Ground Gateways (AGGWs) to carry both FANS safety messages and ACARS operational messages. L2 originally received FAA approval for the STC in 2015 after providing integration engineering, producing installation kits, providing program and certification management and remote installation services.

The AVIATOR SATCOM System is a standalone satellite voice, data and communications system that uses Inmarsat´s SwiftBroadband Services. Overall the system is intended to support the FAA´s PARC CWG (Performance-Based Operations Aviation Rulemaking Committee Communications Working Group) initiative to evaluate communication technologies that are expected to be viable in meeting the needs of the airline community.

The system can provide both voice and data communications, including Air Traffic Control Communications, with the addition of many enhanced features such as immediate aircraft tracking information and Ethernet ports for connecting devices like Aircraft Interface Devices (AIDs) and Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) for the pilots to obtain real-time information, including graphical weather updates. The connectivity will facilitate dynamic routing to favorable winds and away from unfavorable weather

L2 Consulting Services, Inc. (www.L2aviation.com) provides avionics engineering, integration and installation services (FAA CRS L2ZR265X) for the global air transport industry. Since 1997, the company has been performing integration of digital avionics systems into analog and digital aircraft. Additionally, L2 offers full installation and support capabilities. L2 specializes in Satcom, EFB, e-Enabled, Flat Panels, ACARS/DataLink, RAAS, TAWS, Terminal and Cabin Wireless, Flight Data and FMS among other avionics systems.

WxOps® was founded in 2010 to develop and commercialize Command, Control, Communications & Computer (C4) systems for use by Government and Industry. WxOps® also provides data products and services to transportation and logistics companies. WxOps® holds several patents and patents pending for products in the areas of Geospatial, C4, Clear Air Turbulence and logistics tracking.