Kymeta partners with FMC GlobalSat to deliver global satellite communications

Kymeta, a communications company, has expanded its distribution network to include FMC GlobalSat, the company said.

The new partnership will make efficient and reliable satellite communications and Internet connectivity available to wind, solar, geothermal, and other renewable energy facilities.

Kymeta offers commercially viable electronically scanning satellite antennas and terminals. Its antennas and terminals deliver high-throughput communications for land, sea and air, making mobile connectivity.

FMC GlobalSat, a provider of global connectivity, provides best-in-class satellite and wireless solutions to markets and industries that requires long term visibility into cost, and demand strict adherence to regulatory requirements.

FMC GlobalSat provides satellite communications solutions to the renewable energy industry including Kymeta communication solutions. The company configures, integrates and deploys Kymeta solutions to support the renewable energy market with reliable, high-throughput satellites (“HTS”); leveraging 53 Satellites, 8 teleports, 20,000 miles of fiber optic, 24/7 enterprise grade technical support with 56 points of presence in 37 cities around the world.

FMC GlobalSat also offers 3G, and 4G cellular solutions across CDMA, GSM, and LTE networks in more than 190 countries, and more than 550 underlying carriers, all delivered on a single platform. FMC GlobalSat and its carrier partners´ networks provide 99.995% reliability, unmatched in the IoT/M2M communications industry.