Kymeta mobile Internet access services available

Kymeta–the communications company making good on the promise of global, mobile connectivity–and Intelsat S.A. (NYSE:I)–operator of the world´s first globalized network–have announced that Kymeta KÄ€LO Internet access is now available with broad initial geographic coverage, the companies said.

Kymeta is redefining how satellite services are purchased with KÄ€LO Internet services, and making mobile communications as easy to buy as a mobile phone plan.

KÄ€LO Internet services, powered by the IntelsatOne® Flex network, deliver broad connectivity when paired with the world´s only commercially available flat panel, electronically steered satellite terminals from Kymeta as well as other satellite terminal solutions. Kymetaâ„¢ KyWayâ„¢ terminals and mTennau7 antenna subsystem modules open new markets for the satellite industry and allow organizations that require high-bandwidth mobile Internet access to do business while on the move. For sectors that have traditionally had difficulty accessing reliable, affordable Internet in the past–connected cars, renewable energy, commercial fishing, rail, bus and more–KÄ€LO provides a one-of-a-kind solution.

Kymeta offers commercially viable electronically scanning satellite antennas and terminals. Kymeta antennas and terminals deliver high-throughput communications for land, sea, and air, making mobile connectivity as available as a view of the sky.

Intelsat operates the world´s first Globalized Network, delivering high-quality, cost-effective video and broadband services anywhere in the world. Intelsat´s Globalized Network combines the world´s largest satellite backbone with terrestrial infrastructure, managed services and an open, interoperable architecture to enable customers to drive revenue and reach through a new generation of network services. For more information, visit