Kurt Salmon Digital allies with cloverleaf

Kurt Salmon Digital and cloverleaf have formed a strategic alliance centered on delivering the technologies that will disrupt the traditional retail experience, the companies said.

cloverleaf is a scalable digital communications platform for consumers that enables the online world to merge into the physical world, transforming the ordinary store shelf, rack or virtually any area into an in-store Web experience. With a digital display that offers product information, pricing, promotional content, messaging, full-color animation, cross-branding and customer communication capabilities, cloverleaf is revolutionizing consumer behavior and quickly becoming a valuable gateway for customer engagement.

The digital display allows for information to be updated in real time on a global, national, regional and store-level basis. It also offers automated pricing and promotion triggers based on inventory and external data sources, including weather and social media.

Kurt Salmon Digital is a digital agency dedicated to helping leading retailers meet the needs of the connected consumer, today and into the future.

cloverleaf Media is a digital media firm with a focus on the retail industry. It combines cutting-edge software platforms with industry-leading LED technology to deliver customized, engaging applications and advertising platforms to clients.