KuangChi Cloud space platform completes commercial flight

With a commercial contract of HK 180 million, the city-level Cloud space information platform completed its first commercial flight globally and started its first commercial operation on Dec. 28, 2015 in Dongguan, South China´s Guangdong Province.

Some 100 people, including Dongguan mayor Yuan Baocheng and KuangChi chairman Liu Ruopeng, witnessed the Cloud´s ascent at Dongguan Eco Park.

The flight marks a major milestone in urban space technology. Measuring 48 meters long and nearly 20 meters high, the spectacular platform buoyed by helium rose to 300 meters above the ground, providing integrated services such as communications, Internet access, as well as big-data collection and analysis.

Licensed to fly within the eco park, the Cloud can be compared to a super tall communication tower or a low-flying satellite. It´s anchored to the ground by a synthetic cable, which also serves as a portal to access the data processing center. Waterproof, designed with protection against the lightning and resisting changes in pressures and temperatures, the airship takes three hours to fill. It can resist winds at 20 meters per second when flying and those at 25 meters per second when anchored.

Luan Lin, chief technology officer of KuangChi Science, said that the system can be widely used in geographical surveying, traffic and wildfire monitoring, natural disasters and rescue missions.

With more functions and more stable performance, the system used in Dongguan will help monitor the PM 2.5 levels in the air, safeguard security in crowded areas and intelligently maneuver urban traffic. The Internet of things network and Wi-Fi coverage provided by the system will make life easier and better for Dongguan´s citizens.