Kuang-Chi R&D center opens in Haikou

Kuang-Chi Group, a Shenzhen-based technology conglomerate, has reported Traveler II Beta will carry animals into near space during a test flight this year, the company said.

The announcement came during the opening ceremony of the company´s research center for near space technologies in Haikou, Hainan, China´s southernmost province.

Traveler II Beta is a flying device used for data collection and analysis, and traveling in the near space region, which is between 20 and 100km above sea level–more than twice the altitude flown by commercial airlines. In June 2015, Traveler completed its first test flight in New Zealand, reaching the designated flight altitude of 21km and successfully transmitting data back to the ground.

Kuang-Chi is a company focused on the development of future technologies. Kuang-Chi´s subsidiary company KuangChi Science Limited (00439.HK) is concentrated on the development of future technology and conducts R&D of different disruptive technologies such as future space exploration and artificial intelligence.