KT partners with Jin Air, HIST to develop in-flight VR service

KT Corp. (KRX: 030200) (NYSE: KT), a telecommunications company based in South Korea, has announced it will develop virtual reality (VR) entertainment service for air passengers in collaboration with with Jin Air Co. and Hanjin Information Systems & Telecommunications (HIST) Co., the company said.

KT signed an agreement with Jin Air, a widebody low-cost carrier operation in South Korea, and HIST for the new VR service optimized for air safety, security and other special in-flight needs. The nation´s top telecom company will provide its VR service platform, Super VR, for Jin Air passengers to access to its massive immersive media contents.

The new VR service will begin with international routes mostly used by family travelers before the end of this year. Passengers will be able to borrow VR headsets to view latest movies in ultra-high resolution, and travel, sports and other VR contents in 360-degree images.

The tripartite collaboration has been prompted by increases in mid- and long-distance flights of domestic low-cost carriers who are seeking in-flight entertainment systems. Lacking personal video screens in their aircraft, many of the carriers are expected to offer innovative passenger service with standalone VR headsets.