KT expands into Europe

KT Corp. (KRX: 030200; NYSE: KT), South Korea´s largest telecommunications company, has made a successful a key foray into Europe and other international markets by partnering with albis-elcon, a Germany-based network equipment and solution provider, the company said.

Under the agreement, KT will provide its GiGA solutions and next-generation technologies to communications service providers in Europe and other parts of the world through the global business network of its new German partner. KT´s GiGA solutions are ushering in the next generation of fifth-generation (5G) infrastructure by introducing three technologies at home and abroad, including GiGA Wire, GiGA WiFi and GiGA LTE.

Albis-elcon is well positioned as KT´s business partner, with 13 million of its network systems and equipment installed in more than 40 countries. It provides a wide range of products and solutions for copper and fiber broadband access, remote network powering, network management and Internet-based television. Deutsche Telekom, Telecom Italia and Telefónica are among the company´s 100-plus clients.