KsFiberNet chooses Connected2Fiber's Connected World SaaS platform

SaaS market acceleration platform provider Connected2Fiber said that KsFiberNet has signed an agreement to implement the SaaS platform and leverage the Connected World fiber route, OnNet and NearNet capabilities.

KsFiberNet will also be adopting the Building List Manager, an automated software module for creating and distributing OnNet and NearNet building lists to drive wholesale and channel market participation.

KsFiberNet is a regional broadband transport network providing dedicated Internet and private data networks for wholesale, government, education, healthcare and banking customers. With approximately 3,000 miles of fiber optic cable routes around the state of Kansas, KsFiberNet is providing a network enabling customers to easily communicate and share resources between facilities.

The Connected World is the connectivity industry´s first market acceleration platform built to help network operators see and manage their assets with market intelligence. The SaaS platform enables OnNet and NearNet location management, route tracking, interconnection and building list automation, all in a visual, automated tool set designed for the connectivity industry.

Kansas Fiber Network, LLC (KsFiberNet) is the Wichita-based, statewide broadband network, connecting metro and rural Kansas communities with a state-of-the-art 100 GIG 3,000-mile backbone network and nationally across INDATEL´s Rural Ethernet Exchange (REX) network. KsFiberNet was chartered in 2009 by 29 independent Kansas telephone companies and continues to provide wholesale Internet and data transport services to enable regional and national carriers, wholesale, government, education, healthcare, and banking customers throughout Kansas.

Connected2Fiber helps the network industry transact and improve its return on sales & marketing investment with the industry´s only SaaS marketplace enablement platform that combines Account-Based Marketing, Location Intelligence with predictive algorithms that learns how to improve results. The platform helps network owners and network buyers improve transparency, speed and effectiveness with information, automation and predictive algorithms. Connected2Fiber is based in Hopkinton, MA, and was founded in 2015 by Ben Edmond.