Krimston launches dual SIM solution for iPhone

Krimston, a global developer of mobile accessories, announced the Kickstarter launch of TWO, a dual Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) iPhone solution.

The case allows users to use a single iPhone to accommodate a second line, and is currently compatible with the iPhone 6 and 6s.

TWO is the world´s first phone case to offer simultaneous active SIMs, an Internet hotspot and extra power via a built-in battery pack. The TWO works in conjunction with its app and alerts iPhone owners of all activity on two SIM accounts.

Users can seamlessly make calls, message and access contacts from a primary and secondary SIM card. TWO also includes a ´Smart Hotspot´ feature which monitors a phone´s Internet activity and adjusts the signal accordingly to give users the longest battery life.

Krimston has already secured USD400,000 to build a fully functioning prototype and an additional USD400,000 to assist with tooling and further research and development. A beta prototype is currently ready for mass production. The company plans to use its Kickstarter campaign to gain feedback from early adopters and raise an additional USD100,000 to offset manufacturing costs associated with fulfilling orders.

Krimston is a mobile accessories company established in 2014. The company was co-founded by Fouad Fattal and Nabil Nasr. Krimston launched its initial mobile accessory, TWO, through a Kickstarter campaign in 2016.