Kratos awarded helicopter maintenance training systems contract

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: KTOS) has been awarded a USD9.4 million contract in support of a major US ally for helicopter avionics training systems, including two Kratos-developed Maintenance Blended Reconfigurable Aviation Trainers (MBRATs), the company said.

Under the awarded contract, Kratos will provide on-site and post-delivery support for the training systems, which provide hands-on, full-task and virtual training through simulation of helicopter avionics systems. The MBRAT is a reconfigurable system designed and built by Kratos to provide avionics maintenance procedures and remove-and-install training for multiple rotorcraft platforms.

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. is a mid-tier government contractor at the forefront of the Department of Defense´s third offset strategy. Kratos is a technology, intellectual property and proprietary product and solution company focused on the United States and its allies´ national security. Kratos is the industry leader in high performance unmanned aerial drone target systems used to test weapon systems and to train the warfighter, and is a provider of high performance unmanned combat aerial systems for force multiplication and amplification. Kratos is also an industry leader in satellite communications, microwave electronics, cyber security/warfare, missile defense and combat systems.