KPHONE launches Android smartphone

KPHONE is introducing its first unlocked smartphone for the US market, the K5.

Specifically designed to match today´s mobile lifestyle, the K5 brings together sleek design and best-in-class technology to meet the most demanding user´s requirements at an affordable price. Unlocked phones, common around the globe, are gaining popularity in the US because they give users access to the latest technology and the flexibility to switch between supported networks — with no termination fees.

The K5 unlocked smartphone allows consumers to manage and simplify their lives. Whether sharing photos on their favorite social network, surfing the Internet or visiting international destinations, it is a must-have for any user. With the Google Play store a touch away, users can access their favorite apps, games, music, books, movies and more, as well as sync content between all their devices using standard Google apps.

As a part of the third largest smartphone manufacturer in China, KPHONE is uniquely positioned to develop innovative products and scale its production to meet the demands of the North American market. KPHONE USA is headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.