Kore launches bot-based messaging platform

Kore Inc. has released its enterprise-grade bot-based messaging platform, which brings individuals, teams and business systems together in a single, streamlined interface, the company said.

The Kore product includes a bot platform to design, develop and deploy custom work and personal bots, and a comprehensive network of prebuilt bots.

The Kore platform acts as a central communications hub for users, combining direct messaging, group chats and updates from business systems in a single place with the simplicity, convenience and familiarity of a message.

Bots are lightweight programs that connect with third-party apps and business systems via APIs to send and receive data as directed by the user.

Kore includes advanced message controls that allow users and administrators to control when, where and how their messages are viewed, saved and forwarded.

Kore drives workplace productivity with powerful bots, which allow users to both receive alerts from the systems they use and send actions back to those systems right from a message, all from within the Kore platform.