KonnectONE, Wearsafe to bring innovative, safety-focused IoT devices to market

KonnectONE, a value-added supplier of cellular products and services to the world´s largest wireless operators, has announced it has teamed with Wearsafe Labs to bring best-in-class hardware and Wearsafe´s IoT software platform together, delivering the most innovative IoT solutions to the cellular industry, the company said.

This partnership and technology integration leverages the specialized Wearsafe platform, providing cellular operators the necessary framework to add personal safety and security IoT devices to their product lines. Purpose-built for cellular network deployment, the Wearsafe cloud platform and mobile applications allow IoT devices to operate seamlessly across cellular, BLE, and Wi-Fi environments and instantly communicate critical activity and information to the right people and organizations.

The Wearsafe platform, which supports the broad integration of both voice activation and AI technologies, was designed to meet the cellular industry´s standards for security, scalability and redundancy, as well as the data privacy requirements set by AICPA SOC 2, GDPR and the recent California Consumer Privacy Act.

The hardware-agnostic platform utilizes open communication standards to allow a wide range of retail and enterprise IoT devices to interoperate with it, including IoT devices that don´t include personal safety features such as asset, vehicle and pet trackers. In addition, the Wearsafe platform supports both in-store and on-premises account wireless device setup, subscriber single sign-on, and subscriber account integration.

Based in Washington, KonnectONE is hyper-focused on mobile communication products and services and dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing and sales of handsets and IoT devices. KonnectONE provides cellular operators and consumers with global communication products that are fashionable, personalized and imaginative. For more information, visit www.konnectone.com.

Based in Connecticut, Wearsafe provides mobile applications and IoT software to cellular operators and IoT device manufacturers. For more information, visit www.wearsafe.com.