KodaCloud announces lower cost, AI-based subscription Wi-Fi service

KodaCloud, Inc., the first company to offer AI enabled Wi-Fi as a cloud subscription service, has announced the official release of KodaCloud Wi-Fi as a Service, Version 2.0, now available at a dramatically reduced cost of just USD 9.99 per month, including a free Wi-Fi Access Point, as part of a special Q4 promotion, the company said.

With this service, businesses of any size can reap the benefits of artificial intelligence enhanced Wi-Fi, reducing their IT burden and providing significantly better connectivity and performance for all their end devices and users. KodaCloud´s Wi-Fi V2.0 provides automated self-healing monitored to the device level, as well as profile-based Quality of Experience (QoE), enhanced analytics and portals.

KodaCloud´s proactive network monitoring identifies and corrects tens of thousands of daily connectivity or performance issues. KodaCloud´s system makes on average over 80 percent corrections and issues network alerts to IT teams where human intervention is needed. The system improves average signal connectivity strength by 29dB and improves employee data rate connectivity by an average of 50 Mbps for each correction made.

KodaCloud offers Cloud Service Wi-Fi powered by patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. KodaCloud´s technology automatically optimizes Quality of Experience for IoT devices and end users. KodaCloud is a privately held company with investments from Comcast Ventures, Celtic House Venture Partners and Voyager Capital. KodaCloud is based in Silicon Valley, California with offices in Ottawa, Canada. Find out more at www.kodacloud.com and on Twitter @KodaCloud and LinkedIn.