KnowMyCoPay shows lowest copays for diabetes test strips

LifeScan, Inc. has introduced KnowMyCoPayâ„¢, a new website and toll-free telephone service that shows the lowest copays for diabetes test strips across major brands based on each patient´s individual health plan, the company said.

This new, nationwide, free service helps patients and health care professionals (HCPs) navigate complex insurance plans.

KnowMyCoPayâ„¢ provides two tiers of information based on the data provided by the user.

In the first tier, patients and HCPs can find out which products are “preferred” by the patient´s health plan by simply entering their type of coverage and plan name.

In the second tier, patients and HCPs can review the actual co-pay amounts for the top five brands of test strips by providing additional patient-specific information.

LifeScan is part of the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care Companies, a collaboration of Johnson & Johnson companies dedicated to diabetes that includes LifeScan, Inc., a world leader in blood glucose monitoring.