KLM practices social distancing and other protective measures against Covid-19 on board flights

KLM has announced it has implemented as series of actions, including social distancing, in order to carry out its operations as safely as possible for passengers and crew, the company said.

These measures are in line with information and instructions from the WHO, RIVM and GGD, and KLM´s own health and safety services.

In addition to social distancing of 1.5 meters, the airline is practicing seat blocking, simplified onboard services, additional hygiene, inducing hand sanitizers and a toilet reserved exclusively for crew.

All passengers are required to undergo a health check before boarding. For flights departing from Amsterdam to Canada, Singapore and South Korea, passengers are physically observed. Passengers flying to the last two destinations receive an additional temperature check. This is done at Schiphol by KLM ground staff in collaboration with KLM Health Services and Airport Medical Services staff.