Klas Telecom works with Dell on enterprise data center technology

Klas Telecom is collaborating with Dell EMC OEM Solutions to bring enterprise data center technology to the tactical edge utilizing Klas Telecom´s new Voyager Tactical Data Center (Voyager TDC), an enterprise-grade compute and data storage network that is purpose-built for the field and is the size of an airline carry-on, the company said.

The relationship will allow Dell EMC, which has led the market in enterprise data center computing, to expand into new markets where ruggedized and low size, weight and power (SWAP) systems are required.

Founded in 1991, Klas Telecom is an engineering and design company with over 25 years of experience developing innovative communications solutions for use in austere environments where low size, weight, power and ruggedization are required.

With over 80% of the company dedicated to technology development, Klas Telecom is able to stay on the forefront of the deployable and tactical communications market. Klas Telecom operates in the US and international defense, first responder, disaster relief, law enforcement and transportation markets. The company employs staff across four offices located in Washington, DC; Herndon, VA; Tampa, FL; and Dublin, Ireland.