Klas Telecom launches tactical data center

Klas Telecom has announced a new release of the Voyager Tactical Data Center (TDC), the Voyager TDC 2.0, the company said.

Voyager TDC 2.0 provides users with all the capability of the original system plus twice the storage capacity and NVMe for faster and better performance.

The Voyager TDC and the 2.0 variant are the first and only low size, weight and power (SWaP) compute and data storage networks on the market with enterprise-grade capability, such as a 10 Gbps Layer 2 switch, 512 GB RAM and 32 physical cores, that meet military standards for ruggedization and fit in a single airline carry-on-size rollaway case.

Klas Telecom´s Voyager low SWaP systems enable public safety, first responder, government and military professionals to easily and rapidly deploy critical communications to the field in a way that saves time, money and resources. Klas Telecom will debut the Voyager TDC 2.0 at the 2018 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) taking place at the Tampa Convention Center this week.

Voyager TDC is an enterprise-grade compute and data storage network system specifically designed for tactical environments where low size, weight and power (SWaP) are required. Voyager TDC is built to military ruggedization standards and provides in a single airline carry-on-size rollaway case: a tactical 12-port 10 Gbps uncontended switch, four server blades delivering a total of 512 GB RAM and 32 physical cores, a nested uninterruptible power supply (UPS), power conditioning and cooling, and a removable chassis that can be rackmounted.

Klas Telecom is an engineering and design company with over 25 years of experience developing innovative communications solutions for the network edge. Klas Telecom delivers connectivity to remote and austere environments where low size, weight, power and ruggedization are required. The company specializes in integrating enterprise networking capabilities from global IT leaders with in-house hardware and software platforms designed to meet market demands and the most stringent environmental requirements. The company employs staff across four offices located in Washington, DC; Herndon, VA; Tampa, FL; and Dublin, Ireland.