Kingston, Oklahoma police department joins COPsync Network

COPsync, Inc. (NASDAQ: COYN) has reported Kingston, Oklahoma police department has joined the COPsync communication and information-sharing network, the company said.

The COPsync Network connects law enforcement officers and agencies nationwide, and provides access to a national database of non-adjudicated law enforcement information and real-time communication capability to connected agencies, and the COPsync911 threat-alert service for schools, government buildings, hospitals and other potentially at-risk facilities.

The Kingston Police Department, located in Marshall County, Oklahoma joins a growing number of agencies across the United States sharing information and communicating crimes in progress via the COPsync Network.

COPsync, Inc. is a technology company that improves law enforcement communication that can help officers prevent and respond more quickly to crime by providing instant access to law enforcement information created by other law enforcement agencies.