Kilauea eruption many not be covered under your travel insurance policy

Leading travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, explains why travel insurance probably won´t cover travelers whose trips may be impacted by the Hawaii´s Kilauea volcano eruption, the company said.

Due to the remote and residential location of the volcano, hotels and resorts will likely see minimal effects. Most incoming and departing flights to Hawaii were operating as normal. For these reasons, travel insurance policies likely won´t cover travelers who want to cancel following the eruption.

Most Trip Cancellation style travel insurance policies cover natural disasters, such as volcanic eruptions, that impact a traveler´s plans. Typically, these policies will reimburse travelers if an eruption causes one of the following:

-Mandatory evacuations at their destination
-Accommodations at their destination are uninhabitable
-Flights are significantly delayed or outright cancelled
-Their own home is at risk
-Fear of Enjoyment is Never Covered

Travelers who are simply nervous about traveling to Hawaii due to the eruption won´t find coverage under a travel insurance policy. Likewise, travelers who are concerned they won´t be able to enjoy their trip due to ash and other harmful emissions aren´t eligible, unless there is an evacuation notice in a city they are traveling to.

The only option for these travelers is the optional Cancel for Any Reason upgrade. Unlike the standard Trip Cancellation benefit which can offer a full refund, Cancel for Any Reason only reimburses up to 75% of their trip cost, however it is the only applicable option.

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