Kika Keyboard allows texting in obscure languages

Kika Keyboard is a smartphone application that has a team of linguists and engineers working together to make sure that everyone can communicate via text and messaging apps in their native languages, the company said.

Where other tech companies have ignored the needs of larger alphabets and distinct characters needed for some lesser-known languages, Kika Tech and its Kika Keyboard product have stepped up and focused on providing this invaluable service.

Recently CCTV News America spoke to Rail Salminov who lives in a place called Bashkortostan (a Russian republic) and discovered that nearly 80 percent of the republic´s population that uses smartphones had downloaded and use the Kika Keyboard app for their text-based communication. Previously their only option was to type in Russian, which is similar but not the same as their native Bashkir.

Another reason for the high conversion rates, is that Kika Keyboard does not only support their language and nearly 70 other languages, it is also one of the world´s top downloaded keyboard apps in the Google Play store and comes with 1600 emojis, plus hugely popular stickers and GIFs.