Kii getting investment from Cisco Investments

Kii, a platform company enabling mobility and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for global customers, said that Cisco Investments (Cisco´s corporate venture capital arm) is making an investment in Kii.

Kii´s global platform enables device manufacturers and Internet of Everything (IoE) solution providers to create connected solutions with new data sources generated from IoT to be integrated into cloud service and analytics-driven application models in a wide range of IoE use cases.

WiFi/Mobility data sources stream through the Kii Cloud, and can feed the Cisco mobile experience platform. With those additional data sources, Kii and Cisco can deliver complete data-rich experiences to our customers, and create next generation digital experiences and offers over Mobility.

Kii becomes the second company in Japan to receive a direct investment from Cisco Investments.

Kii enables customers across the world to rapidly create compelling IoT solutions with its scalable, easy to use and feature rich IoT platform. The global platform enables all three layers of a typical IoT solution (things, services, apps), thereby significantly reducing the time it takes to create solutions, freeing up the customer to focus on their solution differentiation. Kii provides a flexible deployment model (public cloud, dedicated cloud, private cloud) globally, thereby enabling seamless solution deployment for customers of all sizes. In addition to the platform, Kii´s ecosystem initiatives (like Space) also enable customers to distribute their solutions in premier carrier and retailer channels.