Kiana Analytics launches Kiana location engine

Kiana Analytics has achieved functionality in its latest release: KLE 2.0 (Kiana Location Engine), the company said.

The new cloud-based solution offers businesses across industries e-commerce-like data capture and analytics, including new Predictive Analysis functionality that enables marketers to automatically trigger an email, text or Facebook message to customers or visitors who have demonstrated declining loyalty.

With KLE 2.0, visitors and customers log in to guest WiFi using Facebook, email, or their mobile phone number, enabling Kiana to analyze the frequency of their in-store or location visits over time. The solution can be configured with parameters that identify at-risk customers who have visited a store, chain or other location less frequently than in the past. The machine learning platform then sends a 1:1 message or offer using Kiana´s campaign feature or an integrated marketing campaign tool, via the medium used to log in.

Kiana Analytics provides cloud-based customer analytics software and patented device detection for operations and proximity marketing. Founded in 2013, Kiana Analytics is a VC-financed company with offices in Silicon Valley and Germany.