KeyoCoin to launch travel program built on blockchain technology

KeyCoin has announced it plans to launch the world´s first universal travel rewards program that will earn cryptocurrency rewards, the company said.

The platform is already supported by a state of the art app, featuring over 12,000 live travel products in four US markets and six Latin American countries.

The program is designed to gamify the entire travel experience for 1.3bn travelers worldwide. The technology will give hospitality, tour, and local experience providers, and any merchant in today´s travel ecosystem, the means to offer customers cryptocurrency rewards for either making purchases, or completing fun (Pokémon GO / Amazing Race style) location-based travel challenges while on their adventures.

The platform´s ERC20 token, KeyoCoin (KEYO), will be one of the only Ethereum based utility tokens to have real world value upon launch. Travelers will be able to redeem accumulated KeyoCoins for accommodation, tours and activities, tip staff, or gift to friends and family heading off on trips of their own.

KeyoCoin´s Travel Challenges (soon to be launched in 100 cities around the world) also make it one of the few cryptocurrencies that can be earned without purchase, helping the everyday non-techie person get hands-on with the cryptocurrency and blockchain movement.

KeyoCoin secured seed funding to develop a revolutionary blockchain-based universal travel rewards platform, mobile marketplace, and decentralized utility token.