Keepster Launches Personalized Storybook

Keepster, a fast-growing start-up transforming text messages into custom books of cherished memories, has selected Bob Gold & Associates, a nationally recognized boutique public relations and marketing agency, as its agency of record, the company said.

Ubiquitous text messaging has evolved into the primary form of communication for almost everyone as a preferred way to “talk.” It is one of the most underappreciated tools keeping us connected.

Celebrities like Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lopez have utilized texting to expand their avenues of engagement with followers, inviting people to text them via a fan-dedicated phone number. Schumer occasionally even showcases screenshots of text conversations with fans across her social platforms. She even proposed to her future husband by text.

With its proven track record of launching media and technology startups, the agency will help support Keepster´s first-of-its-kind solution to securely save, search and organize text messages, chats, photos and memories in one place on a user´s personal computer. The free software for MAC or Windows computers is compatible with any iOS device, as well as five of the most popular messaging platforms in the world: iMessage/SMS, WhatsApp, Hike, Line and Viber.

With more than 580 billion text messages sent daily around the globe, Keepster recognizes that privacy and data security are of the utmost concern for consumers, especially when it comes to backing up text and app messaging data in the cloud. Keepster facilitates the privatization of backing up messaging data as password-protected files to a personal computer or device. By doing so, Keepster eliminates the security and privacy concerns from cloud service providers who can scrub and sell consumer data.

Founded in 1997 by Cable TV Pioneer and Public Relations Society of America (PRSA LA) 2019 Communications Professional of the Year, Bob Gold has created an agency that specializes in the space where technology meets entertainment and enterprise utility. For more information, visit

Keepster is a software program where you can save your messages securely, as well as search and organize favorite messages into folders, making the messages that matter always easily accessible. You can also use the app to turn selected messages and photos into one-of-a-kind professionally bound and printed books. For more information, visit