KBR granted right to train private astronauts at NASA facilities

KBR (NYSE: KBR) has announced it will become the first company to train private astronauts at NASA facilities, the company said.

The company recently signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA Johnson Space Center allowing it to provide human spaceflight operation services to commercial companies. KBR currently holds the only agreement with NASA to provide these services using the agency´s facilities and capabilities.

Through this agreement, KBR will be able to train private astronauts in a wide variety of spaceflight tasks including operating onboard International Space Station (ISS) systems, integrating into the existing ISS crew, performing routine operational tasks, maintaining health and performance, and responding to emergencies. KBR will also provide medical operations and services prior to, during, and after spaceflights.

The agreement directly supports one of five elements of NASA´s plan to open the ISS to new commercial and marketing opportunities that will continue the agency´s efforts to enable a sustainable low-Earth orbit economy.

KBR, a solutions provider to the civil, military and commercial space industry, is a global provider of differentiated professional services and technologies across the asset and program lifecycle within the Government Solutions and Energy sectors.