Kazan Networks includes RoCE support to NVMe over fabrics solution

Kazan Networks Corporation said it has successfully demonstrated RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) traffic within their NVMe over Fabrics solution, making them the first company to implement both RDMA protocols in a single solution.

In August, Kazan Networks showed a prototype running iWARP at the Intel Developers Forum in San Francisco. With this latest enhancement, the company´s ultra-low latency controller can support simultaneous RoCE and iWARP traffic. Implemented to the new NVMe over Fabrics standard under development, Kazan enables any existing NVMe device to be remotely connected via an Ethernet fabric.

NVMe over Fabrics defines a new paradigm in high-performance Flash connectivity with the potential to change how solid state storage is configured, accessed, and managed within the datacenter. By centralizing and pooling flash, compute and storage infrastructure can be deployed and scaled independently, offering new levels of flexibility and significantly lowering TCO.

With its ultra low-latency solution, Kazan Networks demonstrates that accessing flash remotely does not need to come at the expense of performance. By adding less than 500 nanoseconds of latency through its ASIC, Kazan expects to enable the highest performance solution available.

Kazan Networks´ fully accelerated, all-hardware implementation of the data paths through its ASIC represents a unique approach to an NVMe over Fabrics solution. By removing the need to run firmware on an embedded microprocessor, latencies through the ASIC´s data paths are now measured in fractions of a microsecond, far faster than can be achieved by other System on a Chip (SoC) approaches.

Kazan Networks is a privately held startup founded in Dec 2014 by storage networking veterans. The company is located in Auburn, CA, and is currently sharing details about their products to select customers.