Kazan Networks builds networked EBOF

Kazan Networks Corporation will be demonstrating its Ethernet-attached Bunch of Flash (EBOF) at this year´s Flash Memory Summit, the company said.

With 24 SSDs running in a 2U enclosure, Kazan´s NVMe over Fabricsâ„¢ interfaces deliver over 15 million I/Os per second, believed to represent a new high-water mark in performance.

Partnered with Sanmina-Newisys and leveraging their new NVMe-oFâ„¢ EBOF system, six of Kazan Networks´ bridges provide a total of 600Gb/s of Ethernet bandwidth, equating to just over 60 gigabytes per second. These levels of performance enable an entirely new datacenter architecture, where scalable pools of storage can be accessed and shared by hundreds, or even thousands, of servers.

Kazan Networks is a privately held startup founded in December 2014 by storage networking veterans. The company is located in Auburn, California, and is currently selling their products to customers worldwide.