Katabat Speeds Digital Debt Collection with Mobile Payment Portal

Katabat, a global supplier of debt management software solutions, has launched EasyCollect, a powerful, yet easy to deploy, mobile payment portal for lenders and debt collection agencies, the company said.

EasyCollect is the industry´s simplest, fastest digital payments solution, allowing lenders and agencies to reach borrowers via integrated email and SMS messaging and creating a hassle-free payment experience that helps increase collections.

A digital-first communications approach, like that enabled by EasyCollect, can improve response rates by up to 30% according to a recent McKinsey report.

With more than a decade of experience delivering debt collection solutions to global banks and debt collection agencies, Katabat combines collections and machine learning expertise to help clients engage with customers and increase collections. Katabat partners with lenders and collectors across multiple industries to stay at the cutting edge of debt management, machine learning, automation, regulatory compliance, and data security. To learn more about our full range of debt management products, contact Katabat at info@katabat.com.