Kanex offers colorful line of in-ear wireless headphones

Kanex®, an innovative provider of Apple-certified connectivity solutions, has announced two new headphone lines: the Kanex GoPlay Wireless In-Ear Headphones and the Kanex GoPlay Wireless Sport Headphones, the company said.

The new headphones feature behind the neck design and SureFit comfort earbuds with three sizes, as well as a charging cable for many hours of listening to music or talking on the phone.

The In-Ear Headphones are available in an array of colors to choose from, including Black, White, Teal and Pink, while the Sport Headphones are available in Black.

Kanex (Kuh-nex) provides innovative, Apple-certified solutions that fit seamlessly into everyday life. Designed to be durable, reliable and cost-effective, Kanex offers an extensive range of adapters, cables, keyboards, wireless chargers and accessories for any Apple iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and Watches. For more information visit www.kanex.com.