Kalray to release new data center remote storage system

Kalray has prepared to launch a complete NVMeOF (non-volatile memory express over fabrics) chain from compute node to remote NVMe SSDs with SK Hynix, the company said.

The remote data center storage system will be built around 13 SKHMS M.2 PCIe carriers integrating 4 SKHMS PE3110 SSDs each and six Kalray smartNIC KONIC-80 equipped with Kalray´s MPPA2-256 Bostan high speed I/O processor.

The company is planning to introduce a complete family of NVMeOF storage solutions including a SmartNIC with NVMe direct capability but also an integrated low cost NVMe SSD controller capable of 3.2 MIOPS @ 4Kb data at 10µs latency, by the end of the year. These solutions can be found installed in data centers as early as the first quarter, 2017.

Kalray is a provider of acceleration solutions for data centers, offering MPPA architecture that delivers high-speed I/O processing.

SK Hynix is a manufacturer of DRAM, flash memory and SSDs.