Kalray partners with Zentera

Datacenter acceleration solutions provider Kalray has partnered with multicloud networking and security provided Zentera Systems, Inc., the company said.

CoIP (Cloud over IP) is Zentera´s networking and security solution for multiple datacenters and clouds–the multicloud. CoIP enables enterprises to connect and secure multicloud workloads endpoint-to-endpoint and on-demand. CoIP enforces centralized routing and security policy while protecting workloads with east-west microsegmentation and network encryption. The new attack surface exposed by remote cloud endpoints is protected with advanced security features such as application whitelisting with network interlock and APIs for third-party security engine integration.

Zentera has selected Kalray to provide the basic software modules for implementing algorithmic offloading functions. APIs enable transparent acceleration for either OpenSSL or IPsec stack. Kalray also offers software acceleration engines implemented on the MPPA high-speed I/O processor.

Zentera´s CoIP solution directly addresses the security and networking needs of the multicloud market. CoIP´s security capabilities are deeply integrated with its virtual overlay network, accelerating productivity and business agility. CoIP works with any transport in any environment, does not interfere with existing infrastructure, and can be up and running in less than a day. The company is based in Silicon Valley, and offers CoIP through select partners.