Kaloom, Red Hat to ProvideUnified Solution for Edge Sites

Kaloom™, an emerging provider of fully programmable and automated cloud-native networking solution for distributed edge data centers, has announced that it has extended its collaboration with Red Hat, Inc., a provider of open source solutions, to provide a unified solution for distributed edge computing, the company said.

This will allow network, compute and storage nodes to share the same underlying container-based execution environment. Integrating Kaloom´s Cloud Edge Fabric with Red Hat OpenShift enables the platform to help simplify complex next-generation networks and accelerate time to market of new services while reducing the costs of edge infrastructure.

Edge computing and the hybrid cloud are necessary components to help drive consistency across all infrastructure footprints. Compute resources are becoming increasingly vital at the network´s edge due to densification of data and traffic from billions of connected devices. Beyond devices, next-generation workloads are also driving demand for new investments that include virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), industrial automation, autonomous vehicles, interactive gaming, remote medicine and more.

Kaloom is backed by investors, including Fonds de solidarité FTQ and Somel Investments. Kaloom is based in the heart of the Quartier de l´innovation in Montreal, Quebec and in the Silicon Valley. For additional information visit www.kaloom.com.