K2View Raises USD 28M to Accelerate Expansion in DataOps Market

K2View, a provider of real-time DataOps solutions, has announced its USD 28 million funding round, which will accelerate the company´s growth and expansion in the emerging DataOps market, the company said.

Forestay Capital led the round along with funding from Genesis Partners. It comes on the heels of rapid growth that saw over 75 percent CAGR in revenue, with a strong first half of 2020. This investment will be used to support the company´s go-to-market strategy as it continues its expansion in markets ripe for transformation with DataOps, such as telecom, financial services, healthcare, insurance, logistics and more.

Data, an enterprise´s biggest asset, is siloed in hundreds of different applications and stored in different locations, technologies and structures. In this IT environment, enterprises cannot move fast and provide good customer experience at the same time. K2View´s patented approach and unique architecture deliver the data that enterprises need, exactly how and when they need it –all in real time. Since the launch of its platform in 2015, K2View has proven its vision and technology while helping some of the world´s largest companies tackle complex data challenges.

The platform provides the right data to the right person at the right time in just milliseconds and enables enterprises to operationalize all of their data and get holistic access to what matters the most to their business, while reducing time-to-market from months to weeks.

K2View is a provider of advanced data fabric, data integration, and data delivery software that takes the promise of a 360-degree view of data to the next level. Learn more at www.k2view.com and follow at @k2view.

Founded in 2017, Forestay invests in the tech sector and is focused on innovative, revenue-generating technology companies, in Europe, Israel and the USA, that challenge established models and the status-quo, primarily through software and data. It is part of Waypoint Capital, chaired by Ernesto Bertarelli, which supports a broad portfolio of asset management and investment businesses.

Genesis Partners is an Israeli venture capital firm with a strong track record and ties to the Israeli entrepreneurs´ community and the global technology industry.