K2 Energy battery powers reusable rocket

A K2 Energy said that its battery, designed and built in Henderson, Nev., helped power critical functions of the New Shepard space vehicle, designed by Blue Origin, that flew into space and returned for a safe landing at the West Texas launch site on November 23.

Blue Origin´s New Shepard was designed to be a fully reusable space vehicle, employing vertical takeoff and vertical landing procedures. A capsule atop the New Shepard booster is designed to take six crew members more than 60 miles above Earth, beyond the internationally recognized edge of space. After flight and landing, the capsule and booster are ready to be used again for another flight.

K2 Energy created a custom battery to power the rocket´s avionic system and hydraulic pump, which are used to steer the rocket as it goes into space and back to Earth.

K2 Energy, founded in Henderson, Nevada in 2006, is a developer and producer of lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are used in many advanced medical and military applications and for powering electric vehicles.