JynTech, Southwest Pacific Holding merge to expand reach

JynTech Inc. has announced its merger with Southwest Pacific Holding company, LLC, (SWPHC) to acquire engineering design, mechanical engineering, additive manufacturing and prototyping services, the company said.

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

SWPHC develops emerging technologies used in Aerospace, EV, Digital Infrastructure, Logistics, and Supply Chain. The company relies on deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence

JynTech Inc. is growing through this acquisition to focus the incoming intellectual properties on integrating with JynTech´s product offerings in CannaScience, finance, mobility, and science (nutraceuticals, canaceuticals, and medical devices/equipment.) In the last two quarters of 2020, JynTech will launch four new products in the US and Mexico.
The acquisition of SWPHC, LLC, gives JynTech an international presence to affect marketplaces and an engineering group that can execute from prototype to production.

JynTech Inc. is a Mexico-based company primarily focused on Latin America, Mexico, and the LATAM diaspora throughout North and South America. JynTech currently produces products in the market through business units and subsidiaries that include food and beverage, boutique natural health products, CBD/CBG/CBN supercritical development systems, and enterprise technology solutions for Tier 1 manufacturers and suppliers throughout the US and Latin America.