Julien Fournié Inspires New DasCoin Blockchain for Fashion

Haute couture designer Julien Fournié was recently asked to provide inspiration for an innovative blockchain solution for the global fashion industry by DasCoin, a leading cryptocurrency. The technology was unveiled at an exclusive event hosted in the world-famous Eiffel Tower in March 2018.

Blockchain Technology

Many industries, including the fashion industry, require ways in which to share information confidentially, such as sharing design ideas across multiple stakeholders. The challenge in this complex ecosystem is the protection of intellectual property, with previous solutions lacking efficiency and costing over the odds. The unique solution developed by DasCoin in conjunction with Julien Fournié utilises the same technology as the cryptocurrency, building on the DasNet platform to bring design safeguards and genuine product authentication to the fashion industry in one cost-effective and efficient package. Ultimately, DasCoin has expressed an objective of rolling this technology out to encompass a wide variety of industries including film, music, sports, insurance, supply chain and more.

Julien Fournié

The choice of Julien Fournié as partner for this flagship technology in the fashion industry was natural, as the designer has a long-standing reputation for the adoption and development of technology in fashion design. Julien Fournié has been closely involved with technological research and development. He has worked with Dassault Systèmes to create 3D design tools, and encouraged the use of mobile hardware for design. Fournié commented that the tools contributing to design protection were a key element in securing the future of the global fashion industry and ensuring designers maintain ownership of their collections.


 The blockchain technology developed and used by DasCoin is secure, quick and scalable, facilitating traceable, auditable and efficient solutions for the fashion industry. Legally binding agreements including automated non-disclosure agreements and smart contracts are integrated into the system, meaning the use of designs entering the system is audited and controlled, with access only provided to authenticated partners. All parts of the supply chain can be included at little cost into this fast and seamless system.

Eiffel Tower Event

 The partnership between Julien Fournié and DasCoin was unveiled on 26 March 2018 in the Eiffel Tower’s Salon Gustave Eiffel, in an event which featured a fashion show of Fournié’s latest collection. Fournié was joined by Michael Mathias, CEO of DasCoin, in a Q&A session detailing which questions specific to fashion designers were being answered by the blockchain technology. Mathias discussed how the technology could be utilised in future to protect a vast array of industries as well as the fashion sector.

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