JSX completes noise abatement procedures for air service at John Wayne Airport

JSX, (formerly JetSuiteX) has announced the completion of its voluntary noise abatement study at Orange County´s John Wayne Airport (SNA), the company said.

The pioneering study resulted in JSX becoming the quietest air carrier over Newport Beach. The study, which began in September, saw JSX flights operate Embraer´s noise abatement procedure combined with the quietest Instrument Departure from SNA instead of the current FAA NextGen (Next Generation) departures, which mandate lower altitudes near surrounding cities including Newport Beach.

The study involved regular, daily flights from SNA in September, in which JSX flight crews used a departure procedure referred to by the FAA as MUSEL8. JSX Pilots, in cooperation with air traffic control were able to attain higher altitude when reaching the coastline, which not only reduced ground noise signature but altered the flight route over the current departure procedure for John Wayne Airport.

The results of the noise study are still being examined by JSX with an eye towards creating a voluntary noise program at Orange County for all public air carriers.

JSX is a jet service offering the convenience of a private air travel experience at fares close to commercial. JSX flies more than 500 weekly flights and focuses on connecting highly desirable business and leisure markets within 500 miles which means customers can save up to two hours each time they fly by avoiding crowded airports and long drives.

JSX currently serves seven destinations daily from Burbank (BUR), Orange County (SNA), Oakland (OAK), East Bay/Napa/Concord (CCR), Las Vegas (LAS), Seattle-Boeing Field (BFI) and Phoenix (PHX) as well as seasonal service to Mammoth and pop-up service to music festivals and other special events.