JotForm bolsters security for European customers

JotForm said it has released a simple and robust solution for all its European customers, in light of the recent ruling against the safe harbor framework.

There is now a setting that will designate all the users´ forms and form response data to be stored on JotForm´s servers located in the European Union. It´s very simple, and only requires the click of a button.

This comes in response to the October 6th ruling by the European Union´s top court that the US-EU Safe Harbor agreement was no longer binding. Safe Harbor was established in 2000 and allowed companies to transfer European data to US servers, so long as they adhered to specific security guidelines. In the absence of the Safe Harbor ruling, tech companies, including JotForm the popular online form builder, need to find another way to meet the security requirements of their European customers.

“Our servers are located in Texas, Virginia, and also Germany. This makes it easy for us to retain all information safely within the European Union´s borders,” said JotForm´s founder Aytekin Tank. “This gives European users who are sensitive to where their data is located, the option to keep it entirely in Europe. Once set, JotForm will never transfer or store the user´s data outside of Europe.”

Since 2006, JotForm has been at the forefront of easy, allowing users to create great forms using their simple drag-and-drop form builder — all without any coding experience. JotForm´s 8,000 ready-made form templates, 100 integrations and more than 380 widgets have made it one of the most popular form builders for companies all over the world. Today, JotForm is nearing two million users.