Joint investment organized in OneJet air transportation network

With an investment led by former CEO and chairman of Midwest Airlines Timothy Hoeksema, OneJet–the air transportation network that provides consumers increased access to nonstop travel in small to mid-size markets–has announced it will open a secondary operating base at Milwaukee County´s General Mitchell International Airport (MKE), the company said.

Hoeksema will serve in an advisory role, working alongside OneJet executives as air service begins to Columbus and Omaha, starting on Nov. 1. This will complement the company´s existing twice-daily service offered from Milwaukee to Pittsburgh.

OneJet opened its first base in Pittsburgh in May 2016 with two daily flights. The company now offers over 160 weekly flights to and from Pittsburgh, with weekday flights to Indianapolis, Hartford, Cincinnati, Richmond, Louisville, Albany, Milwaukee and Providence. OneJet provides exclusive nonstop service to and from these markets, with fast and convenient links for business travelers, including those employed by major corporate customers such as FedEx and PNC Bank.

The GBTA forecasts US business travel spending will grow 4.2 percent or USD 304.9 billion in 2017. As business travel in the US and passenger traffic at regional airports continue to grow, corporate travelers´ demand for improved air service has increasingly become a priority for local economic leaders and businesses. Since 2015, OneJet has met this need by providing increased service within some of the fastest-growing regional markets.

OneJet is an air transportation network that provides consumers increased access to nonstop travel in small to mid-size markets, at relatively low cost. Services operate from the main commercial terminals and airports in markets served and feature TSA PreCheck access, expedited boarding and complimentary on-board amenities, including high-speed internet access. All flights are operated by regionally based operating partners featuring ARG/US Platinum Safety-rated and TSA-certified operations. The company incorporates former senior leadership from the major US airlines, the US Department of Transportation,US aircraft manufacturers and TSA.