Jive Communications, Zoho CRM partnership will help track sales activities and increase customer engagement

Jive Communications Inc, a cloud-based phone system and unified communications company, has announced its newest integration with Zoho CRM, the company said.

The integration makes Jive´s industry-leading telecommunications features available from within Zoho´s powerful CRM, enabling businesses to better communicate with customers.

With Jive´s Zoho CRM integration, agents can not only see who is calling before they answer–allowing for better call preparation–but with auto logging they can track every call, click to call, take notes, and schedule appointments directly from the pop-up within the CRM. This enables agents to save time, personalize customers´ experiences, and ensure accurate reporting with automatic call logging.

Jive provides cloud-based phone systems and Unified Communications services. Jive´s customers include high-growth businesses and public sector institutions needing a scalable platform that is more flexible and cost-effective than their existing legacy systems. Jive´s cloud architecture offers an integrated, seamless experience that provides richer context and creates more efficient connections between co-workers and clients. Jive´s cloud delivery model ensures that each organization always has the latest technology, features, and applications–making Jive the last phone system you´ll ever need.

Zoho is the operating system for business, that is, a single platform with all the applications needed to run a business completely from the cloud. Marketing, sales and customer care apps–like Campaigns, CRM and Desk–enable a business to acquire and retain customers. Productivity and collaboration apps–like the Office Suite, Mail and Docs–empower employees, while Zoho´s finance and human resources apps–like Books, People and Recruit–run all business operations.