JF-17 fighter jet features J-20 technology

Global Times has reported the upgraded version of the JF-17 fighter jets is equipped with features technologies from China´s J-20 fighter jet, the news source said.

The J-17 fighter made its maiden flight in December as the warplane, co-developed by China and Pakistan, saw major upgrades in electronic devices that will increase its combat efficiency, experts said.

With the serial number 3000, the first JF-17 Block 3 prototype was taken into the skies for the first time in mid-December in Chengdu, Southwest China´s Sichuan Province, the Aerospace Knowledge magazine reported in its Sina Weibo account on Tuesday.

According to photos circulated on the Chinese social platform, the aircraft is installed with many commercial off-the-shelf technologies from the state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China, the report said.

These include a new and larger holographic wide-angle head-up display and integrated cockpit display similar to the one used by the J-20, in addition to an advanced infrared missile approach warning system used by the J-10C, J-16 and J-20 fighter jets, the magazine reported.

Analysts said the new additions to the JF-17 can give pilots more situational awareness, allowing them to focus more on combat instead of flying the aircraft.