Jettly introduces shared economy model

Jettly has launched the disruptive shared economy model introduced by Uber to its services, the company said.

The company said private pilots can fill empty seats on their flights by allowing the public to hitch a ride with them. Expenses such as fuel, oil, or aircraft rental are shared equally among pilot and passengers. An access point for private pilots and passengers to connect, Jettly also offers additional benefits for on-demand air charters, freelance instructors and flight schools who can list their services by the hour and connect with potential passengers.

Jettly allows passengers to tap into 5000 public airports in North America while scheduled airlines serve less than 500 putting passengers that much closer to their destination. Jettly also plans to donate USD1 or CAD1 for every flight flown to the American Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) or the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) to support general aviation in Canada and the United States.

Jettly networks with existing on-demand commercial air operators in Canada and the United States to allow on-demand commercially regulated service providers to accept requests from passengers for short flights (under 1000NM) through the Jettly platform.