JetSuiteX service to Santa Monica Airport delayed, issues full refunds to affected passengers

JetSuiteX has entered into a Standstill Agreement with the city of Santa Monica concerning JetSuiteX´s planned operations at Santa Monica Airport, the company said.

The agreement is designed to give the parties time to come to a final agreement. Flights to Santa Monica Airport were originally scheduled to launch on February 6th, with destinations including Carlsbad, San Jose, and Las Vegas. In the interim, JetSuiteX has agreed not to operate at Santa Monica prior to February 15th, 2017. To avoid uncertainty and confusion, JetSuiteX has cancelled all flights to/from or connecting through Santa Monica from February 6th through February 24th and will issue full refunds for all affected customers.

In a few short weeks, JetSuiteX sold flights to over 1,000 customers, over half of whom are residents of Santa Monica who saw JetSuiteX as a solution to save over two hours of time round-trip and avoid the congestion of flying from LAX. The city´s agreement to shorten the runway was made with no public or user input.

Angelenos can still take advantage of JetSuiteX flights from Burbank, with destinations including Concord CA, Mammoth Lakes CA, Las Vegas NV and Bozeman MT.

JetSuite provides transparent pricing, efficient operations, attention to detail, acclaimed customer service, and industry-leading safety practices. The company offers a WiFi-equipped fleet of jets across the US. In April 2016, JetSuite introduced JetSuiteX to offer short haul public charter flights, sold by the seat, operating from private terminals.