Jetstar offers refunds in anticipation if strikes

Jetstar has announced it has offered refunds on cancelled flights in anticipation of strikes, the company said.

Without a commitment to lift wages back to their pre-freeze trajectory, a temporary wage freeze imposes a growing lifetime economic burden on affected workers.

A Jetstar spokeswoman said the report was part of the TWU´s industrial campaign. The airline said that even with the 18-month wage freeze, the take-home pay for employees has grown faster than most Australian workers.

Jetstar, the budget arm of Quantas is engaged in a wage dispute with the TWU, with ground crew and baggage handlers, causing 48 flights to be cancelled and dozens more to be rescheduled.

Jetstar has offered a three per cent wage increase while the TWU is pushing for a 4 per cent rise. A key sticking point has been the union´s demand for a guaranteed minimum of 30 hours work each week.

Jetstar pilots have also recently taken strike action, while Qantas has threatened to employ a new workforce of international pilots if its pilots don´t agree to a new wage agreement.