JetSmarter reports triple-digit growth in seat bookings

Private aviation community JetSmarter has reported triple-digit growth in seat bookings, as the company continues its momentum of dominating the private jet-sharing economy, the company said.

Since its launch in 2013 as a members-only, on-demand flight sharing app, the platform has grown rapidly and evolved with additional features and services. Earlier this year, the company expanded its flights to the public, allowing non-members to create and share flights with other travelers, without the commitment and annual fee of membership. As a result, JetSmarter has experienced four-times month-over-month growth in the number of non-member seats booked on private jets since non-members were granted ability to access the services.

JetSmarter´s seat bookings have already grown by 116% year over year and shared flight frequency has also increased more than 20%. This growth is driven through on-demand flight creation where members and non-members alike can crowdsource flights on their own time.

JetSmarter offerS an innovative alternative to the dated and overpriced services offered in private aviation today; all while challenging the commercial aviation industry through competitive pricing and an unparalleled flight experience. Using a sharing economy model, JetSmarter gives users the unlimited ability to create flights on-demand or book individual seats on flights created by fellow fliers — all while saving thousands compared to traditional private travel.