JetSmarter expands travel options with branded fleet

JetSmarter has announced the expansion of member offerings with its fully dedicated and branded Gulfstream IV-SP aircraft and new in-flight amenities, the company said.

Traditionally, JetSmarter partners with private air carriers across the globe to provide its aircraft to customers. Now, working alongside aircraft owners, or those interested in acquiring aircraft, JetSmarter is elevating their passenger´s travel experience by building its branded fleet.

The jets come with brand new interiors and five-star flight crews, serving a selection of curated in-flight cocktails in partnership with Pernod Ricard, as well as gourmet catering. Each aircraft is also equipped with fast and reliable 4G Wi-Fi, allowing passengers to browse the web, access email, and stream videos at any time with no interruption.

JetSmarter is currently on-boarding Gulfstream IV-SP aircraft, but will diversify to more aircraft types in the future. These aircraft have already taken to the skies, flying between cities like New York, Miami, Dallas, Chicago and Los Angeles. JetSmarter plans to expand their branded fleet to 30 more aircraft over the next year.

The aircraft is operated by JetEdge, an ARG/US Platinum and IS-BAO Stage 3 operator.

JetSmarter is a global community of fliers that prefer an elevated travel experience. The company offers an innovative alternative to services offered in private aviation today; all while challenging the commercial aviation industry through competitive pricing and an unparalleled flight experience. Using a sharing economy model, JetSmarter gives users the unlimited ability to create flights on-demand or book individual seats on flights created by fellow fliers.