JetPak Aviation launches personal untethered flight demonstrations

JetPack Aviation has launched its demonstration tour of personal flight with an untethered flight that propelled a man around the Statue of Liberty on a JB-10, the company said.

JetPack Aviation team said it plans to continue its worldwide demonstration tour making several surprise flights over some of Europe´s most iconic landmarks. The European tour will begin in Monaco on 29 September and is co-presented by Aerostar Monaco, a distributor of JetPack Aviation´s range of aircraft in Europe.

Known as the JB-10, the JetPack is light enough to be carried by one person, small enough to fit in a standard car, and dependable enough to make flights of up to 10 minutes. Reaching speeds of 60mph, the JB-10 has a wide range of potential applications and commercial uses including affordable personal air transportation with applications for search and rescue, law enforcement, disaster relief and recreation.

JetPack Aviation has worked with the FAA to define a classification for the jetpack, as a new form of aircraft.